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About Me

Sintia Diaz was born to immigrant parents from Guatemala. Her life story is a testament to the pursuit of dreams and the profound impact of cultural roots. She is a trailblazing hypnosis psychotherapist dedicated to exploring the profound realms of the mind for personal and societal transformation. Her early experiences in a multicultural environment sparked her curiosity about the intricate tapestry of human consciousness. As an impassioned and dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist trainee, she brings a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy and a profound belief in the transformative power of energy work.


Educational Background:

Sintia is an MFT Trainee currently completing her hours for her Marriage and Family therapy degree. Sintia is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and her thirst for knowledge and a passion for understanding the untapped potentials of the mind led her to specialize in hypnosis psychotherapy. Sintia's academic journey has been guided by a commitment to providing holistic and integrative healing solutions. 

Transformational Possibilities:

Sintia firmly believes in the transformative power that lies within each individual. Her sessions are not just therapeutic but serve as portals to explore the depths of the mind, allowing clients to unlock their hidden potential and achieve profound personal growth. Through guided hypnosis, Sintia helps individuals connect with their higher selves, fostering self-awareness and empowering them to overcome challenges. This approach enables her to assist the client in addressing the root causes of challenges, fostering lasting transformation and empowerment. With years of experience in clinical hypnotherapy, she has witnessed the profound impact of integrating energy work into the therapeutic process. Her practice revolves around helping individuals access their inner wisdom, navigate subconscious blocks, and tap into the healing energies that contribute to holistic well-being.

Community Advocacy:

Driven by a sense of purpose, Sintia is passionate about bringing mental health awareness to minority communities. Recognizing the disparities in access to mental health resources, she actively engages in community outreach programs, workshops, and seminars. Sintia aims to dispel misconceptions about mental health within minority communities and highlight the importance of seeking support for overall well-being. Her mission is to empower individuals to awaken their inner potential, overcome challenges, and embrace a life of authenticity, purpose, and joy. Through the synergy of clinical hypnotherapy, psycho-education, and energy work, she guides clients toward a profound transformation that extends beyond the confines of the conscious mind. 


Sintia envisions a world where individuals, regardless of their background, have easy access to mental health resources and can harness the transformative possibilities of their own consciousness. Through her work, she leaves an indelible mark on the field of hypnosis psychotherapy, inspiring others to explore the limitless potentials within themselves and contributing to the creation of a more compassionate and mentally resilient society. 

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